Recruitment Case Study


Leading recruitment consultancy who provide a nationwide workforce solution across the whole Supply Chain and require criminal clearance for candidates working in a wide range of disciplinaries. 

DBS Checks were needed with a fast turnaround to ensure candidates are placed in their roles as quickly as possible, providing an excellent service for their clients who often need staffing solutions with immediate effect. A simple online service was also required to increase speed of applications rather than completing paper forms. 

“The service provided by Personnel Checks is top class”

“The customer service team are always very helpful and answer any questions that I may have, if they don’t know the answer straight away then they will find out and come back to me as soon as possible. The team are always very efficient and organised and we are always kept up to date with the progress of all applications and are notified should there be any queries.”


“Personnel Checks have improved the service we provide to our clients”

“Our candidates have found Personnel Checks’ online system very easy to use. They have provided feedback stating that the system is user friendly and they have had no problems. It takes our candidates less time to complete the application form online than it does to complete a paper form and if we have any queries,the support provided by Personnel Checks is excellent. The team are extremely pro-active.”


“DBS checks are returned on average in 5 days!”

“No DBS = no Job. We must fill places with our clients as quickly as possible. By receiving the results so quickly, we are able to get our candidates into a job every time.

The speed of receiving results is fantastic,the system speeds up the service that we can offer our clients as we receive an email result rather than waiting for the certificate to come through the post.”


“The electronic result means we can place candidates with our clients much faster.”

Using Personnel Checks as our chosen criminal record checks provider has had a positive impact on the business. Speed is key – we must have results back in order to fulfil our contracts with clients and we can always rely on Personnel Checks to deliver.


“The online system eliminates errors and reduces our workload” 

“We are no longer chasing candidates for their paper application form and receiving the result online means we can place our candidates much faster as we don’t have to wait for the certificate to arrive through the post before making a recruitment decision.

The online application form is a self-checking system which shows error messages and doesn’t let you move on if you have missed any information. This is great as it eliminates errors and speeds up the process, whereas the paper system definitely allowed for more errors which would ultimately slow us down and impact on the service we can provide to our clients.”

Feedback from the Account Consultant

“The current system is fantastic and due to the fact that we are no longer awaiting the post for forms to arrive, or spending time chasing candidates to return their application forms, we can now focus on other tasks that need completing within the office.  

The Personnel Checks team provide us with a weekly overview of our account and let us know exactly where we are up to.

We receive a weekly report detailing any outstanding applications. This information is clear and easy to understand.

The service we receive from Personnel Checks is excellent and having our own account manager means that someone within Personnel Checks knows exactly what we require. The team at Personnel Checks are all very friendly and approachable and if there are any concerns they can be discussed and resolved immediately.”

If you would like to discuss your DBS Check requirements with a Personnel Checks advisor call 01254 355688.

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