Background Checks

A robust background screening process can help ensure you protect your organisation, your employees and your reputation. With many industry bodies issuing fines to organisations who fail to carry out the appropriate checks, a growing number of organisations are choosing to screen employees prior to an offer of employment or after a certain amount of time in employment. 

Carry out effective pre-employment screening with our range of background checks...


Data Checks...


Adverse Financial CheckAdverse Financial Check
Checks publicly available data to reveal any adverse information, including: 6 million County Court Judgements (CCJs), bankruptcies, Voluntary Arrangements, decrees in Scotland and administration orders.

Identity CheckIdentity Check
Uses advanced technology to provide a score to indicate the degree of confidence in an individual’s identity. Provides you with the confidence that the candidate you are dealing with is who they say they are.

Directors CheckDirectors Check
Indicates if a candidate holds any current or previous directorships, or is currently disqualified.

FCA CheckFCA Check
The FCA database is searched for the person’s name, status, FCA reference number, controlled functions, current employer name and start date, as well as any previous employers where the person worked in a controlled function, with start and end dates. The details and dates of any disciplinary action taken through the FCA are also listed.

Sanctions CheckSanctions Check
This checks for sanctions, enforcements and warnings in the UK and worldwide. The search includes individuals known or suspected to be affiliated with terrorism, money laundering, fraudsters, drug trafficking, arms dealing, war crimes, white collar fraud or other illegal activities, as well as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s).

Professional membership checkProfessional/Technical Membership Check
We can run extensive professional membership checks, validating a candidate's membership of professional or technical bodies, their dates of membership and any qualifications gained.

Media CheckMedia Check
This provides selected results based on a search using an online search engine and media feeds against the candidate's full name. This will reveal any negative information that has been publicly reported on the individual.

DVLA CheckDVLA Check
Validate employees' driving licence information securely via our online portal which produces instant results and creates an auditable online record.

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Reference Checks...

Did you know, more than half of all 
applicants lie on their CV? Common areas to do so are false qualifications or skills, previous employment as well as inaccurate job titles and responsibilities. Such a hire can have a negative impact on productivity and service.


Occupational History ChecksOccupational History Check (Up to 6 years and 10 years)
A complete history of the applicant's work history, including all periods of employment, self-employment, unemployment etc. As standard, any gaps over 28 days are investigated and supported.

Employment Reference CheckEmployment Reference Check
A reference is obtained from previous employers, typically covering the company name, employment status, period of employment, position on leaving and whether the company would re-employ the person. 

Self-Employment Check
A reference is obtained from the applicant's accounts, solicitor or other relevant professional advisor to confirm periods of self-employment. 

Benefits Check
A reference is obtained from the relevant government department to confirm periods of unemployment.

Personal Check
A reference is obtained from an individual to confirm periods otherwise not covered by other reference types.  There are set rules as to who can provide this reference.

Educational Check
We confirm the period of attendance, the type of qualification gained, subject studied and grades achieved.

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Criminal Record Checks...

As a registered DBS Umbrella Body, Personnel Checks process criminal record checks for thousands of organisations nationwide. Our DBS Checks are available to purchase online and we also offer discounted rates for high volume purchases. 

You can find out more about the DBS Checking service we offer here.

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