5 Villainous Doctors That Personnel Checks Could Have Exposed!

Strangely, a lot of villainous characters in our favourite films have the title ‘Doctor’ which we find a little unnerving especially as we are getting our appointments booked in early for the winter season!

But never fear, we are ready and awaiting these cunning doctors with a DBS check!

Here’s 5 famous Doctors who could have been exposed a lot sooner, if only somebody had made a quick phone call to the heroes at Personnel Checks!

Dr Evil
If someone had taken the time to carry out a DBS check on Dr Evil, they would have found out his real name was actually Douglas Powers and maybe the heartfelt reunion between Austin and Dougie would have happened in his first world domination attempt!

Dr Victor Von Doom
The Tibetan village of monks have helped Dr Victor Von Doom build his suit of armour, which allowed him to travel to his home town and overthrow the leader to destroy the Fantastic Four. Would they have done this if they knew he had been expelled from medical school for conducting unethical experiments in the first place?

Dr Octopus
Would Dr Octopus have been able to form the Sinister Six if all the members knew how many times he had failed in the past against the powerful Spiderman?

Dr Hurt
Bruce Wayne would have saved himself a lot of agro if he had conducted a DBS Check on Dr Hurt and would have known it was he who built the ‘replacement batmen’ who were set to attack and kill poor Batman.

Dr Robotnik
Finally we expose Dr Robotnik, who would never have been able to trick Knuckles The Echidna into thinking that Sonic and friends were villains after the Chaos Emeralds! If only they had done a DBS check which would have revealed the supervillain’s previous missions for world domination!

If you want to check your staff aren’t planning world domination and keep your business safe, make sure you contact Personnel Checks. We’re here to foil any evil plans! Muahahaha. 

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