Why DBS Checks aren’t the only things recruiters should be focusing on

There’s a lot of due diligence required when hiring a new employee. For many employers, the first hurdle that candidates need to pass is having a clear criminal record.

However, are you sure that applicants who pass a DBS check are right for your company?

It’s increasingly important for recruiters to use social media in order to vet potential hires. While this process has raised issues about privacy, the fact remains that more people are losing out on jobs because of something they have shared on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

For example, if the applicant is only eligible for a basic check, this will only search for unspent convictions and may not give you a good enough idea of someone’s background. Therefore when recruiting, more and more agencies are turning to potential candidate’s personal social media profiles to do their own detective work.

A well-known case regarding this was in April where the UK’s first Police and Crime commissioner resigned from her post due to a media backlash she suffered as a consequence of comments she had previously posted on Twitter.

This begs the question, if the employer had checked her social media accounts at the time of recruitment would she have been hired in the first instance and had to suffer the media backlash?

Many don’t agree with this method of recruitment and think it is an invasion of privacy, however 71% of recruiters have successfully hired an employee or contractor through social media. This number is constantly growing as many recruiters are finding it to be the most successful method of sourcing the most suitable candidates for their business.

For example 77% of recruiters felt that social media provided them with better access to candidates and 41% said it gave them better insight into whether candidates were suitable.

We asked Helen Jackson, Head of Recruitment at The Cummins Mellor Group what she thought about using social media to vet candidates:

‘Quite honestly, if the shoe were on the other foot I’d think it unfair for someone to judge my work abilities by the content of my social media pages. I do feel that it can be regarded as an invasion of privacy. Personally, I think that if you have any common sense – you’d ensure that your public content on social media is suitable for the scrutiny of anyone, especially employers. And on that note – yes - I have been known to have the odd browse on individuals Facebook pages before conducting interviews. Haven’t we all?’

Although many recruiters are seeking help from social media sites, many still stick to trusting their good old DBS checks to find the suitable candidate.


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