10 Jobs You Didn't Think You Needed a CRB Check For

Any organisation can apply for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks on members of staff, but there are some jobs which most people are aware require a CRB check. Most organisations which involve working with children or adults require their staff to be checked, eg Ofsted.

It’s a common assumption that only professions in which employees come into regular contact with children, care for elderly or vulnerable people, or play a part in upholding the rule of law require CRB checks. However, there are a plethora of unexpected jobs for which background checks are essential, rather than voluntary.

Below are the top ten jobs most people do not realise you need a CRB check for.

1. Traffic Warden

Traffic Wardens are eligible to obtain any level of CRB check, as this profession involves a high level of contact with the general public, who may be under the age of 18 or may otherwise be vulnerable. This job is also exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA), which means spent convictions must be disclosed.

2. Vets and RSPCA Staff

People involved in animal welfare are eligible for all levels of CRB check, as their role requires them to interact with pet owners, who may be under 18 or otherwise vulnerable, as well as the animals themselves.

3. To Have a Scrap Metal Licence

Councils are authorised to grant scrap metal licences. However, before they do they require a criminal record check to ascertain if a person is suitable to hold one. If a basic disclosure reveals an individual has been convicted of certain offences they will be refused a licence

4. For Any Job Which Involves Serving Alcohol

When applying for a Personal License to sell alcohol, a disclosure certificate of criminal convictions, not be more than one month old, must be submitted to confirm suitability to hold the licence.

5. Commissioners for the Gambling Commission

To become a Commissioner for the Gambling Commission, a CRB check is required in order to make sure an individual does not have any past convictions which may be of concern to the Commission. All levels of check are available for this purpose. Where concerns arise an enhanced check will be actioned.

6. Football Stewards

This job puts the steward in direct and regular contact with the general public, many of who may be under 18 or vulnerable. The level of CRB check needed for the role – Basic, Standard or Enhanced – is decided at the discretion of the employer.

7. Solicitor

Most Law firms require their qualified Solicitors to have a CRB Check. The normal level of check required for Solicitors is the Standard check.

8. Chartered Accountants

As the position of Chartered Accountant involves regulated activity with adults, in the form of assistance with money or the conduct of a person’s financial affairs, all levels of CRB check are available for this profession.  

9. Pest Control

Individuals working in pest control will often have to carry out work in nurseries, hospitals and nursing homes. They also have access to dangerous tools and often guns. Therefore, a Basic Disclosure check is usually required for this profession.

10. Members of the Master Locksmiths Association

Any person who has applied to be a member of the Master Locksmith’s Association requires a CRB check, as their job involves having the keys to people’s homes, hospitals or schools - where children or vulnerable people may be present – handed over to them.

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