Know Who You're Employing

In sectors where a CRB check is not legally required, the process can feel like a costly hindrance rather than help.

However, before employee background checks fall off your company’s agenda, consider these four risks you could be exposing your business to.

1. Violence in the Workplace

If you do not request a CRB check for new employees you are taking their word that they have no criminal convictions. While a large proportion of people will be upfront and honest, even if it means disclosing past misdemeanours, others will try to conceal previous convictions for violence and the first an employer will know of this is if a member of staff or customer is assaulted.

Personnel Checks Says: Carrying out background checks protects your employees and customers, reducing workplace violence by 11%

2. Poor Regulatory Compliance

Without a background checking provider and in-house compliance expert, it can be difficult to comply fully and effectively with industry regulations.

Personnel Checks Says: 44% of employers who carry out online CRB checks find that they improve regulatory compliance

3. Negligent Hiring

If harm is caused to a co-worker and an investigation finds that the staff member responsible has a history of the same kind of offence, the employer is liable. If such an allegation is proven, it can have significant legal and financial implications for the business.

Personnel Checks Says: Organisations that carry out ‘due diligence’ checks will discover potentially damaging undisclosed information early on, avoiding legal action and fines. Recent research also shows that 67% of employers who do carry out background checks noted an improved quality of hire.

4. Theft in the Workplace

Without a CRB check, it is difficult to anticipate potential issues such as employee theft, which can be distressing and costly for businesses, with resource being required to identify the culprit and impose disciplinary action.

Personnel Checks Says: Research has revealed that employee screening can reduce incidences of employee theft by 16%


The expense of putting stringent employee checks in place pales in comparison to costs that could be incurred should an employer fall foul of any of these potential pitfalls.


Source: HireRight


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