Do The Self Employed Need DBS Checks?

Do the self-employed need DBS checks?

DBS Checks are carried out by an individual or by employers to prove the eligibility for a specific role or to protect society, customers or individuals under care. Standard and Enhanced Checks are reserved for roles that include increased contact to children or adults in vulnerable positions. These levels of checks are only available for organisations checking on behalf of their staff.

Why choose DBS?

Many self-employed individuals feel that a DBS check would help them stand out from the crowd when looking for work. The check may install a greater level of confidence in the potential employer and allow the individual to work in a position that demands more trust and reliance. The insight to obtain a DBS check prior to gaining work may show a potential employer you are proactive and show initiative. In essence, self-employed individuals feel that by obtaining a high level DBS check they will have a head start on the competition for work, as well as allow themselves a much wider area of reach for finding work.


Higher level CRB checks are only available for organisations to apply on behalf of their staff. For the self-employed this poses an issue. Both the Standard Check and Enhanced Check can only be applied for by an organisation. Both these checks disclose in depth information about the applicant’s criminal history including cautions, warnings, reprimands as well as spent and unspent convictions.  Unfortunately as the self-employed cannot ask an exempt question of themselves, these higher levels of DBS check cannot be obtained by them.


For individuals who are self-employed, you do qualify for a Basic Check. This searches your criminal record for any unspent convictions. These are often requested by employers to help them make informed recruitment decisions in order to protect their business and customers. For self-employed individuals going into organisation on a temporary basis, this may prove just as important. Basic Checks are available to any individual, and are easily and quickly applied for online.  Apply today to stand out from the crowd.

Many self-employed individuals are turning to agencies in order to obtain higher level DBS checks, when needed. By joining an agency, this allows the organisation to apply for either the Standard Check or Enhanced Check of your behalf.

If, as a self employed individual, you have been asked to provide a Standard or Enhanced CRB check please give us a call on 01254 355688 and we will be happy to advise further about what options are available to you and together find the right solution.


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