When Personnel Checks Met The DBS!

When Personnel Checks met the DBS

On Wednesday the 16th July Personnel Checks welcomed the DBS Chief executive Adrienne, Operations Director Ian Johnston & Head of Communications Dan Grice!

Our Directors and our Operations Manager had an inspiring and productive chat with the team who came to take a look around our offices, explore how we worked and learn about our passion for safeguarding society.

The group spoke about the DBS’ business plan for the next couple of years and they touched on a few things within this and gave their input.

The team also shared marketing ideas and Alice, our Operations Manager showed off our recent marketing work and compared notes of future campaigns.

One of the most important aspects of the meeting was discussing the importance of safeguarding society and sharing our passions for this.

The DBS also asked for feedback on their service as a whole from an Umbrella Body’s point of view which was informative and interesting from both parties.

After a few pictures we finally let them leave and are so grateful for their time spent here at Personnel Checks.

Thanks again for coming!


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