A Day In The Life- Alice Wrigley, Operations Manager

A Day In The Life: Our Operations Manager, Alice

I’m the opposite of a morning person…so I get out of bed at 7:50am and am somehow ready to set off to work at 8:10am! I usually walk to work which takes me around 10-15 minutes but drive if the weather is nasty.

When I arrive at work I firstly check my emails then have a coffee to set me up for the day usually at around 9am. Each day is different, but on a normal day I’d usually check emails, deal with customer requests, have meetings to improve the department’s performance and discuss marketing campaigns.

After 5pm I’ll walk home and immediately have tea with my Mum, Dad and Brother. In the evenings I’d either take the dog for a walk, watch TV, have a relaxing bath or visit family or friends. I usually go to bed at around 9:30/10pm and read a book or catch up on my social media.

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