A Day In The Life- Ryan Sidley, Business Development Manager

“I usually get up between 7:00 – 7:30 every morning, have a shower and a coffee, iron a shirt and am out the door for 8:10. On a good day it can be a 10-15 minute drive into the office. However the traffic can be unpredictable and it could take considerably longer! When I arrive I have coffee number two and check my emails. My working day can vary a lot. My job revolves around generating new business so my day usually includes making sales calls, managing on-going negotiations and trying to close deals / arrange meetings. I also do a lot of travelling and regularly attend off-site meetings all over the country trying to bring on new business. I usually get home at around 6:00pm and cook some tea with my housemate. In the evenings I’d play football, golf or squash, watch TV or go to the pub if it’s a Friday."

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