Reducing Disputes on Criminal Record Check Certificates

Reducing Disputes on Criminal Record Check Certificates

The DBS received 1,233,367 applications in the last four months and 3,657 of those were disputed.

These disputes occur when the applicant feels there has been a mistake in either the records provided or incorrect personal information.

A massive 62% of disputes regarding personal information could have been avoided as illegible hand writing on paper applications and mistyped characters on e-bulk applications are the most common reasons for a dispute.

Here are the three most common avoidable mistakes:

  • Applicants Address (23%)
  • Applicant’s forename and surname (10%)
  • Applicant’s place of birth (4%)

These disputes unfortunately cause delays to your recruitment process, which is why it is essential that applications are completed carefully and thoroughly.

What happens if the result of a check is disputed?

The DBS compare the information on the application form with the certificate, this will then give them the information of whether the error was made during the DBS process or if the applicant has provided incorrect information on their form.

If the error was due to the applicant then the DBS cannot provide a new certificate and the applicant would unfortunately have to reapply to receive an accurate certificate.

However if the fault lies with the DBS they will issue a new certificate with the correct information free of charge.

If you have carried out your criminal record check with Personnel Checks and think you have received a DBS Certificate with incorrect information please call us on 01254 355688.


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