How DBS Checks Could Have Stopped Our Super Villains!

We all know and love our favourite movie villains but would their evil plans have been stopped if only they had undertaken a DBS check and surely it would have saved our beloved heroes a LOT of trouble! Sigh.

Snow White
would have been saved a lot of hassle with the poison apple if only the Queen had a DBS Check- Right?

The Grand High Witch
in ‘The Witches’ would definitely not have got very far if her secrets had been revealed by a check!

Simba would have known exactly what Scar in The Lion King was up to if he knew about his criminal past killing his own brother!

Many lives would have been spared if only they knew about Draculas bloody secrets!

If Lex Luthor had undertaken a DBS check which may have revealed him as a full blown stalker and hater of Superman alongside all his dodgy dealings, would he even have been able to source the kryptonite to attempt to rid the world of superman? I think not!

If Terminator had a DBS check the world would know he was a robot who has come back as a fake cop to stop the revolution against them and commence D Day!!

And finally, if the little Smurfs knew that Gargamel had in the past been kidnapping, entrapping, stalking and conspiring to destroy the Smurfs they would have never have fallen for his scheming and trickery!

So there you have it, half of all fictional world domination plans would not have gone ahead if they had just called Personnel Checks! If you can think of any more evil masterminds that would have been immediate gonners then let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

To make sure you’re not harbouring any super villains give the team at Personnel Checks a call today and we’ll sort the Potter’s from the De Vil’s

Personnel Checks, saving the world from super villains one DBS check at a time! 


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