Would Your Local Care Home Pass The 'Mum Test'?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will soon be rolling out new methods to inspect care homes in Britain.

According to these new guidelines if British care homes want to get the CQC seal of approval then they must pass the ‘mum test’ which entails inspectors having to ask themselves if they would be prepared to have their own parents stay there before they rate the care home.

Since the recent scandals in relation to care homes and the care provided, the CQC have rethought their inspection methods and introduced the ‘Mum Test’ through their new handbooks which have been produced after an extensive 18 month consultation on care home standards.

In the new inspections, specialist teams which include trained members of the public will inspect the care homes unannounced and assessing whether they are safe, caring, effective and responsive to resident’s needs.

From this assessment, the care home will then be rated by the CQC as outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate, which will help the general public make sound decisions based on this.

Do you work for or are in contact with a care home? Do you think the home would pass the ‘Mum Test’? We would love to hear your views!

Find out more about the new methods here

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