Does More Need to Be Done to Prevent Sexual Assault in Universities?

A recent report released on Monday by the NUS (National Union of Students) revealed that more than a third of women have suffered from unwelcome advances such as groping or touching at their university campus.

The survey of 2,156 men and women showed a massive 37% of female university students had received these advances compared with 12% of men. The NUS president Toni Pearce called for authorities to crack down on the problem with British campuses.

The NUS survey highlights a ‘lad culture’ within British universities, the NUS defines this as "behaviours and attitudes that … belittle, dismiss, joke about or even seem to condone rape and sexual assault".

Also in the report was the statistic that 36% of women had received sexual comments about their body compared to 16% of men. Two thirds of people said they had seen other students targeted by sexual comments and under a third said they had been a victim of gender based verbal harassment.

Two thirds of people surveyed said they had heard jokes about rape and sexual assaults at their university campus. Another shocking statistic showed 60% of people who took part in the survey were unaware of any codes of practice at their university to report sexual assault or inappropriate behaviour.

Due to these results the NUS is launching a pilot scheme next month at a handful of universities that will assess how lad culture appears on campus and what is currently in place to handle this.

Universities have said that there is ‘no problem’ in relation to lad culture on campuses however the NUS report clearly shows otherwise.

Do you think sexual harassment and ‘lad culture’ is a problem in British universities?

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