How Basic DBS Checks Can Protect Your Business

A basic disclosure is the lowest level of criminal record check available. They can be acquired by an individual or by an organisation hiring employees. It is not role specific and can be used for any job.

As a business owner you may be asking yourself what kind of benefits acquiring Basic Disclosure Checks on your current and future employees will have for your business. Is it merely an added expense? Isn’t it just another lengthy piece of red-tape that needs to be ticked off your list of bureaucratic demands?

You could be forgiven for thinking this, but there are actually a number of benefits to performing Basic Disclosure Checks on your staff. Read on to find out how your business could be benefitting

1.       Increased trust

Trust is a key issue in the employer-employee relationship. You have to trust your employees and know that you’re employing the right people for the job. By acquiring a Basic Disclosure you can rest assured that your staff are capable of doing their jobs and the transparency of a Basic Disclosure can secure that.

 2.       Better customer service

If you know that your staff are appropriate for their positions, with no past convictions that may stand in the way of their ability to do their job, then this will automatically filter down to the service that your clients and customers receive. Happy, well placed staff leads to satisfied customers!

 3.       Brand perception

As a business you want to be seen as caring and thorough; dedicated to providing the best service you can. Performing basic checks on your employees sends out the message that you take the time to assess your staff and ensure that they are suitable to work on behalf of your business.

 4.       Keep yourself covered

In the unlikely event that an instance of violence or theft occurs in the workplace, it stands you in good stead if you have performed at least a basic check on your employees. Should any legal action be taken against you, this can prove that you have taken out all required background checks on your employees and can protect you as an organisation.


We understand that obtaining Basic Disclosure Checks on your employees can be a time consuming process, but it can leave you with peace of mind and can serve to improve your business’s profile as a caring and trusted brand. Here at Personnel Checks we offer a comprehensive disclosure service, which can relieve you of the lengthy paperwork associated with obtaining checks on your employees.

If you require DBS checks on your staff, at any level, then please give us a call on 01254 355688 or email us at [email protected] where one of our friendly team of trained advisers will be happy to discuss your requirements.


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