Relicensing Taxi Drivers – Need it be difficult?

The renewal of Taxi Licences can often be a slow, cumbersome, expensive and frustrating task for Council officers. Personnel Checks have devised a solution to improve the service to your drivers which takes all of this away.

Following a series of recent focus groups with many licensing managers as well as having the benefit of the experience working closely with taxi operators and drivers over the last 2 years, Personnel Checks devised Taxi+!

Working closely with a number of city and borough councils throughout the UK, Personnel Checks have built a tailored solution to streamline Councils taxi licensing processes. Through our interaction with Licensing Managers, it has become clear that one of the main issues for authorities is the renewals process.

There are a number of differences between the process of licencing a new driver and renewing a current license, the biggest factor being that there are tight time restrictions for renewing a driver license.

When a new applicant applies for a licence, this can be done at their own pace, whereas, drivers renewing their licences must ensure that all applications and supporting documents are submitted to their local authority prior to the expiry of their current licence, otherwise they run the risk of not being able to work. This can place a huge strain on the licensing authority to ensure that all drivers are equipped with the information they require to renew their licence.

Because of the strict time constraints, most authorities send out a renewal reminder letter to each driver notifying them that their licence is about to expire. In terms of staff and stationery, this is slow and expensive. The authority then have to process the driver’s DBS application and verify their ID documents, which again takes great chunks of time.

Many licensing authorities suffer licence backlogs due to the time and effort needed to hand-hold the drivers through the renewal process. The drivers also face problems if for any reason they do not receive their reminder letter and end up off the road altogether. Many council’s still utilise a paper DBS application system which can take a matter of months to turn applications around.

In light of these issues, Personnel Checks developed Taxi+ which counteracts all these problems. Taxi+ is a speedy online license application process incorporating the DBS, DVLA & Right to Work facility that caters exclusively to the licensing industry. The package completely removes all DBS, DVLA & Right to Work check administration, saving huge amounts of staff time and money.

To streamline the renewal process, we added a number of additional features to Taxi+ by incorporating an electronic reminder system that notified the drivers of their upcoming renewal via SMS, email or our staff just calling them on their phone! We also devised a renewals tracking feature where, in addition to notifying the driver of the upcoming expiry of their licence, we will also notify them of any other documents they require in support of their licence application after which we will process an online DBS application for each driver. We also chase the drivers that have not responded to our reminders to make sure that no drivers miss their renewals.

The involvement of Taxi+ in the process greatly increases the number of drivers that successfully apply for the renewal of their licence before it expires, keeping the drivers on the road. The inclusion of these additional features has been of huge benefit to our current council clients as they save hours of officer time each week and save money on postage and paper costs. The drivers are also much happier, as it is far easier for them to renew their licence and takes them much less time.

The process can take as little as 24 hours if the council issue the badge as soon as Personnel Checks have weaved their magic!

How good is that? For more information contact our Taxi Licensing Specialists on 01254 355688 

Aaron Wiltshire - Licensing Manager - Luton Borough Council  
"Since contracting Personnel Checks to handle our DBS checks, the time scales 
on processing has reduced from 8 weeks to an average of 9 days. The service speeds up the overall licensing function and relieves us of the administration."


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