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6 Top Tips to Maximising Your Time as a Parent

From the minute your alarm clock sounds in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night, we know that as a parent there’s little time in your day to tick off those long list of tasks. Securing any extra time can be an added bonus to setting you off on a stress free day.

1. Learning on the go 

Make use of your time and learn on the go using Educational CDs in the car with your children to free up your time in the evening. Use those extra spare minutes in the car to practise your spellings and timetables in a playful way.

2. Stay organised 

Look to implement a white board system to make a note of your families’ activity during the week. That way if any week day journeys cross paths you can save yourself dashing across town and spending your life sat in car parks.

3. Get ready for the day ahead

Prepare the night before, lay the breakfast table and encourage your children to put their uniforms and kit in the wash to prepare for your day ahead. While you may have one child at swimming and the other at guitar lessons ensure your children’s equipment is at the front door ready to go.

4. Ease the school run 

Share quality time with your children in the mornings by taking the stress out of the school journey.  Free up time related to the pickups and drop offs by sharing the school run with a Kiddidrop partner, using

5. Keep sakes 

Use every opportunity as a learning curve. Keep any collectables from your weekend family outings as they may come in handy for any educational projects or show and tell.

6. Use your time wisely 

As a parent you have very little ‘me time’ so make sure you take some when given the opportunity. Plan your social activities around the children’s after school clubs and catch a coffee with the other mums or join the gym in location to your child’s activity.

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