Considering Self Employment? Why a DBS Check Should be Part of Your Business Plan

More and more people in the UK are turning to self-employment, meaning that those currently working for themselves or considering taking the plunge are likely to face some stiff competition when securing clients or attracting customers. 

Could a DBS Check give you that much-needed boost?

Statistics released by the Office for National Statistics in December 2014 have shown 

It seems the current generation are moving away from corporations and job security, favouring making a living on their own terms and chasing dreams instead of mere financial rewards.a sharp rise in both full-time and part-time self-employment, the former showing an increase in 5.1% and the latter by 6.5% from the previous year. 

You might be thinking that DBS checks are the reserve of the education and care sectors, but this is not the case, there are many reasons why your clients may request a DBS check from you – for example if you are entering their homes, or handling particular assets.

Being able to offer a DBS certificate to those that you do business with could provide you with an invaluable advantage in securing and keeping clients. 

If we consider the practice of large companies, we can see that they achieve this by promoting a brand that is trustworthy and honest in all their operations.  The self-employed worker is their own brand and to maintain a loyal clientele they must be seen to be trustworthy not just in a business sense, but as an individual in general – what better way than to offer up an up-to-date DBS certificate?

Individuals can apply for a Basic DBS check, which will show any ‘unspent’ convictions, or, if eligible, a self-employed person can ask the organisation that requires their services to apply for a Standard or Enhanced check on their behalf.

For more information or if you have been asked to provide a DBS certificate please give us a call on 01254 355688 and we will be happy to offer further advice.


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