Validate Don't Speculate

It’s in everyone’s nature to want to trust someone in the workplace and look for the good in them, however this can have a detrimental effect on your business if thorough clearance has not been carried out.

The phrase ‘Trust but verify’ comes from a Russian proverb which means whilst a source of information may seem credible you should perform additional research to verify the reliability and truth of the information.

In relation to DBS Checks, we have a number of customers who trusted an employee who had said they have no unspent convictions, yet when they had chosen to back up this information with a DBS Check had a huge shock.

They actually found that in some cases the employee in question had a number of unspent convictions on their record consequently making them unsuitable for the position applied for.

Here’s an example from a customer:

Following a successful job interview, an Enhanced DBS Check was carried out on a potential employee – no convictions were declared. However, once the certificate was issued there was a wide range of recent convictions including drink driving offences.

After carrying out the check, the client was able to access relevant information about the employee’s criminal history. The disclosure enabled them to make a sound recruitment decision based on a criminal record they previously would have been unaware of, therefore proving the importance to validate not speculate.

Here’s The Facts;

  • In the last 6 months, over 800 criminal record checks were returned with criminal activity on the result
  • Cautions appeared on 153,000 DBS Checks carried out last year, allowing employers to stop candidates working with children or in health and social care
  • In 2012/13 323,000 adults of working age in employment experienced work related violence

Evidently, it’s more important than ever to try and avoid this by doing the proper checks involved with recruiting an individual.

It may seem like your employee is a credible source and you have no reason to doubt them, but validating is always the safer option then speculating.

Jenny smith, Acting Supervisor at Personnel Checks said ‘It’s important to have all the facts when dealing with employees, carrying out a criminal record check provides you with the key facts and helps you make a sound recruitment decision. It’s important to validate, not speculate!’

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