6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your DBS Checks Can Benefit Your Business

Whether or not to outsource your DBS checks can be a tricky decision to make as it may involve a lot of changes within your business. However these changes can be very advantageous and make life a lot easier.

Here we provide 6 reasons why outsourcing your DBS checks might be the best thing you ever do!

1. Industry Knowledge
Outsourcing your checks to an umbrella body who specialise in processing checks to thousands of organisations nationwide ensures experience and industry knowledge. As a top 40 Umbrella Body, Personnel Checks are at the forefront of the DBS process and are one of the first to be informed of changes in legislation. This means we can constantly keep our clients updated with breaking news so you’re always in the most informed position.

2. More Efficient
Having a dedicated team of specialist trained DBS advisors experienced in  processing thousands of DBS Checks creates a streamlined and efficient system which also massively increases the speed your checks are returned.

3. Staffing resources
We’re dedicated to saving you time, which is why you’ll never be presented with complicated phone menus or long waiting times. If you have questions just call our friendly, UK-based team of DBS advisors. They have the skills and experience to take over your organisations whole DBS process, from setting up applicants to sending you the results of the check, meaning your staff have time to focus on more important tasks at hand.

4. No more paper
Many umbrella bodies have a full online paperless system where applications are completed online and submitted electronically straight to the criminal justice server at the DBS which carries out the checks automatically. This means no more paper cuts for your team! Just faster, electronic results.

5. Hassle Free Self Service
You no longer need to spend time chasing applicants and tracking checks, our self-service system does all of that for you. Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and log into one central area to keep up with the progress of all your employees’ applications and receive automatic alerts and updates.

6. Money saving
Outsourcing your DBS checks can save you money whether it’s running costs or the bulk discounts on offer.

Many companies choose to outsource their DBS checks for these reasons and find there are many more benefits once they have switched, for more information about outsourcing your DBS checks give the Personnel Checks team a call on 01254 355688.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about our online self-service system:

‘The online system is straight forward to use and login details for applicants are sent within seconds. We have a personal account manager, who is always contactable and helps with any queries. The speed that the results come back in is amazing and definitely makes recruiting so much easier. We would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone’.


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