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Where There's a Will, There's a Way

This well-known old English proverb expresses the basic truth that he or she who has enough determination to achieve a certain goal will find a way of doing so. This is a philosophy I try to bring into work, to ensure I take an open minded, adaptable approach to all client dealings to make customers happy.

I have recently been in discussions with a council licensing authority in the North West, regarding our “Licence Ready”package, a Taxi Driver DBS checking service we operate for licensing authorities.

It was the clients desire to simplify what was, at the time, a convoluted licensing process for their taxi drivers by managing much of the DBS process on their behalf. The aim was to speed up the turnaround time and reduce the admin burden on council staff.  After a number of discussions, a suitable solution started to take shape.

Human Resources

However following these discussions, it came to light that the council’s HR department had taken responsibility for sourcing a new DBS solution for the entire council, not just the licensing unit. There were a number of differences between the requirements of the HR team and the licensing team with the main one being that HR had to pay for their own DBS checks, whereas the taxi drivers paid for the checks carried out by licensing. Due to the budgetary constraints the HR team had to contend with, the biggest factor quickly shifted from admin efficiency, to being solely about cost.

The HR team had therefore sourced a very low cost online solution from their local county council, which would speed up the turnaround time of their check, but not relieve the licensing unit of any administration time.

The Solution

I was going to have to devise a solution that would satisfy each department. The solution had to save admin time for the licensing team, whilst being cheap enough for the HR team. The cost of the Licence Ready service was much more than the HR team were able to pay. It seemed an impossible task, but I couldn’t help but think that there was a solution out there somewhere. It seemed such a shame, as Licence Ready would have been perfect for the licensing team and we had spent so much time tailoring the service to integrate seamlessly with their licensing process.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The council had contacted a number of competitors who had been unable to offer a service that could pry them away from the county council. It was clear that the one-size-fits-all approach was not going to work with this council and I needed to do something different.

After plenty of thinking, note making and number crunching I came up with the idea of a split function. A service consisting of two parts; the HR function and the Licensing function. I was prepared to match the price and service offered by the county council for the HR function, on the understanding that we could implement Licence Ready for the licensing function. It seemed perfect.

The HR team would get a speedy online DBS service and an affordable price and the licensing team would be relieved of all DBS administration, saving hours of staff time. I put the idea to the council and they loved it!

It would have been so easy to admit defeat and walk away from the discussions. However, persistence paid off and I was eventually able to tailor a service that satisfied the customer.  This situation served as proof to me that if you really, really want to achieve something, there is always a way to do it!


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