Working With The DBS To Ensure Safer Recruitment

The Disclosure and Barring service work continually to ensure employers are making safer recruitment decisions and are preventing unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups. They work closely with local authorities and umbrella bodies to constantly make sure the process is running as smoothly as possible and incessantly improving.

Recent Changes

The DBS are in the testing process of a technology update, and this comes in the form of their new online portal which will see many benefits and improvements to the DBS process.

One of which is an alternative to the normal way applications are processed (via paper forms and the ebulk system). The DBS will welcome the option to submit application forms digitally. This will mean faster turnaround times and more accurate, rigorous barring decisions.

The DBS have also been working on providing support for the stages in which the DBS check is with the police, as this is often the longest process due to delays with a few forces.

The DBS have been supporting the five forces which have faced problems in the recent months. Because of this support the DBS have seen an improvement in turnaround times and their complaint numbers drop by over half in three months!

Facts and figures

  • The DBS see around 4.1 million certificates issued annually
  • Over 800,000 applications for volunteer positions processed annually
  • Almost 400,000 subscribers to the update service since its launch in 2013

Where we come in

Personnel Checks are proud to be a registered umbrella body for the DBS and work alongside them to provide a quick and efficient service to companies nationwide.

Personnel Checks are currently in the top 30 umbrella bodies in the UK and provide thousands of checks a year. We also have a dedicated Account Manager at the DBS who we regularly meet with to discuss recent developments within the industry.

We work tirelessly to ensure the DBS’ message and values are portrayed through everything we do and in every correspondence we have with customers.

Our advisors are an extension of the DBS and work behind the scenes abiding by their core ethos, this is reflected through our 0.49% error rate in August 2015.


The DBS make fair and consistent barring decisions on individuals and are continually aware of the impact barring can have on both the individual and those who they have or could come into contact with.

It is against the law to employ an individual or allow them to volunteer to work with vulnerable groups if the employer is aware that they are on one or both of the barred lists.

Personnel checks provide DBS Adult First checks for the health and care sectors and List 99 checks for the education sector. These both allow an individual to be checked against the appropriate barred lists.

Barring statistics

  • Over 57,000 individuals on an adult and/or children’s barred list
  • Around 24,000 Autobar (Automatic bars) cases considered annually
  • More than 6,500 discretionary referrals handled annually


Moving forward

The DBS plan to become a centre of excellence by 2017 which means providing a quicker service with reduced errors, an improvement on customer service and a bid to avoid fee increases. The upcoming technology update will help this greatly and is a big step along the road to becoming a centre of excellence.

In March the DBS also ran their first independent customer satisfaction survey which will enable them to build and focus on areas of need and therefore improve their service.

Here at Personnel Checks we also are extremely proud of our popular reviews which you can view here. We find it very beneficial to see what our customer’s value about our service and what aspects of our process need improvement. Thanks to our reviews we are now a 5 star rated company. 


Personnel checks will continue working hard to ensure we reflect the work of the DBS and maintain our high customer satisfaction rate.

If you would like to keep up to date with further developments here at Personnel Checks and the DBS follow us on Twitter or see our Blog page.

To speak to one of our DBS advisors about our process please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01254 355688. 


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