10 Changes You Could Make To Improve Safeguarding In Your Business

Following National Safeguarding Day on the 29th February, where organisations were urged to stop and rethink their safeguarding policies, we have compiled 10 things you can do in your organisation to improve your safeguarding procedures.

1. Ensure you have a thorough and up to date safeguarding policy
Instead of rethinking your safeguarding policies, firstly, make sure you have one available! If you work in an organisation that has contact with children or vulnerable adults, there should already be procedures in place, ensure these are updated regularly in case of new staff members and new legislation changes etc.

2. Ensure all your staff have a copy, have read and understand this
Give each member of staff a copy of the policy to keep on them so they can constantly refer to and be reminded of it.

3. Conduct safeguarding training
Regular safeguarding training in your organisation will help keep the topic fresh in everyone’s minds. When you employ a new staff member they will need to have been walked through the safeguarding policy and completely understand this. The regular training with the team will allow you to reiterate this and update your staff on any changes or developments within safeguarding.

4. Is your safeguarding policy discussed with young people or vulnerable adults under your care?
If you work closely with the vulnerable groups, it may be a good idea to talk them through your safeguarding policy. Are they aware of your standards and expectations of your staff? This will also make it easier for people under your care to highlight any issues or causes for concern.

5. All volunteers to understand safeguarding and why it’s important
Do you employ volunteers in your organisation? Do they get the same safeguarding training as your permanent members of staff? If not, why not? Although volunteers may only be with your organisation for a short period of time, it is crucial that they understand your procedures regarding safeguarding and why it is so important to your organisation.

6. Do your staff and volunteers know what to do if they have a safeguarding issue and concern?
Every member of staff and volunteer should know who to talk to and what procedures to take if they have a safeguarding concern, if your staff members aren’t sure of this they may be less likely to come forward and highlight their issues.

7. Develop personal pledges for individuals and pledges for the business 
Create organisational pledges and make all your team members aware of this, examples of organisational pledges could be – ‘We pledge to deliver online safeguarding training to all our staff, so that they are equipped to support the young people we work with’. Send this out to your organisation to make sure everyone is aware and on board with this. Also encourage your individual staff members to make a personal pledge to improve your safeguarding aims, examples of this could be ‘I pledge to have regular discussions with children under my care to ensure they understand safeguarding and how to spot any issues’.

8. Put your safeguarding policy on your website so all your clients are aware of this 
Point your clients to this, let them know how passionate you are as an organisation about safeguarding and looking after people under your care.

9. Are all visitors made aware of your safeguarding policy?
If you are aware and prepared for visitors that will be visiting your organisation- which can be anything from regular visitors to contracts and external businesses- it may be a good idea to send them your safeguarding policy beforehand so that they are made aware before they arrive of your organisational expectations in regards to safeguarding.

10. Involve young people you work with in the development and implementation of our safeguarding policy
Following National Safeguarding Day, where organisations were urged to stop and re-evaluate their safeguarding policies, you may want to speak to vulnerable groups you work with during the development of your safeguarding policy, not only do you want to adhere to your own standards, but also find out what people in your care expect from you as carers. 

If you have any questions or advice regarding safeguarding, Personnel Checks have experienced advisors who can conduct safeguarding training for your organisation and answer any queries you may have, please don’t hesitate to give us a call 01254 355688.


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