5 Ways to Spot Fraudulent Requests for DBS Checks

In 2008 the Metropolitan police set up SAFERjobs (Safe Advice for Employment and Recruitment) which is a non-profit, joint industry and law enforcement organisation. SAFERjobs works hard to raise awareness of recruitment fraud and help prevent criminal activity by fake/fraudulent employers.

Unfortunately, fake employers are very common in this day and age and along with this comes fake requests for criminal record checks. SAFERjobs have released advice for job seekers who suspect a request for a check may be fraudulent.

How do I know it might be fake?

  1. 1.Outdated Requests

In England and Wales the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) was replaced with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in 2012. However, many fraudsters will still ask for money in advance for a ‘CRB check’. If someone has requested you pay for a CRB check, you may just want to look a little deeper into this to make sure it’s genuine.

  1. 2.Eligibility

Only certain roles require a Standard or Enhanced DBS check. The majority of these roles lie within education, healthcare and security roles. If your job in no way allows you to come into contact with children or vulnerable adults, and you aren’t in these sectors it may be a fraudulent request. However, you can always check first if your role is eligible for a DBS check here.

Anyone can apply for a Basic Disclosure for any position. You can apply for it yourself through a registered body such as ourselves here.

  1. 3.Look deeper

Ask who is processing the DBS check. If it is the employer (registered body) you can contact the DBS on 0300 0200 190 or Disclosure Scotland on 0300 0200 040 to confirm if they are a genuine registered body.

If it is an Umbrella Body (such as Personnel Checks) you can check whether or not they are a genuine umbrella body here  if the umbrella body is genuine you can contact them to check that the employer is registered to use their service.

  1. 4.Industry bodies

 If you are working in the security industry, usually only the SIA are permitted to run checks for this line of work. So if you are asked for money upfront for a check, please check the authenticity.

  1. 5.Costly affair

It is crucial that you check the price you’re being asked to pay. If the employer is processing the check, you should not be asked to pay more than £26.00 for a standard DBS check, £44.00 for an Enhanced DBS check and £25.00 for a Basic Disclosure. If the employer is asking for more, it’s likely to be fraudulent.

Umbrella bodies and third parties usually charge an administration fee but if you are asked to pay over £70.00 for a DBS or £50.00 for a Basic Disclosure check with a third party, this may be a scam.


Always bear in mind, most organisations will want you to start the role, therefore won’t ask you for payment upfront, if you are concerned, don’t part with any money during the recruitment process. If you would like more information you can visit the SAFERjobs website here.



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