#AskAlice: 5 things you should know about List 99 checks

List 99 checks are also now known as a Children's Barred List Check and are something that a lot of people may not be aware of but can be very beneficial for those who are eligible, we provide 5 things you need to know!

  1. 1. What are List 99 Checks?

A List 99 Check is a search on the Children’s Barred List to confirm if an individual is or is not barred from working with Children.

It is against the law for anyone who is barred from working with children to be employed in a role where children are involved.

  1. 2. Who can apply for them?

Education providers are able to organise a List 99 Check on their potential or existing staff. 

The service is strictly limited to those responsible for checking the suitability of applicants seeking to engage in regulated activity with children.  Local Authorities, schools and further education institutions may, therefore, check if a person is included in the Children's Barred List before confirming the person's appointment (to ensure that they do not appoint a person whose employment is prohibited).

Nurseries are defined as an Education Establishment and can, therefore apply for List 99 checks on their staff who work with children.

  1. 3. The result

When the search of the barred list has been completed, it will result in either of the following;

  • No matching records were found using the criteria specified (this confirms that the applicant is not on the children’s barred list)
  • A possible matching record was found on the Children’s Barred List (this confirms that the search cannot guarantee that the applicant is not listed on the children’s barred list, therefore, we would recommend you wait to see the official result of the DBS Check before making any suitability or recruitment decisions).
  1. 4. Peace of Mind

Personnel Checks find that employers apply for List 99 checks for peace of mind that the applicant is not on the Child Barred List whilst waiting for the Enhanced DBS Check to be completed. We also find that employers sometimes allow the applicant to begin working on the premises after seeing the result of the List 99 check (if it was clear), but ensure they are supervised at all times until the DBS Check is complete. The decision to do this or not is that of the employer.

  1. 5. Same day result

List 99 check results are returned instantly in most cases and therefore provide employers with immediate information to enable their organisation to continue running smoothly.

If you ask for a List 99 check from Personnel Checks before 5 pm, we will always send the result to you on the same day. Any requests after 5 pm will most likely be sent to you the following working day.

Are you in the process of recruiting an individual and require immediate information in regards to the Barred List?

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