DBS Issue Clarification on Child & Adult Workforce

The DBS receive quite a number of enquiries surrounding applicants that work within both the child and adult workforce and which level of check they should apply for. Some applicants for example, are eligible for an enhanced check in one workforce but only a standard check in the other.

The DBS have released guidance on how these particular DBS applications should be processed.

They provided the example of:

“A cleaner who is contracted by an agency to work in schools (or any other specified establishment) and also general hospitals.

In this case the individual meets the conditions for working in a specified establishment and is eligible for an enhanced DBS check in the child workforce, but only eligible for a standard check in the adult workforce for their work in general hospitals.”

Before submitting a DBS application, you should carefully consider which check is appropriate for each workforce.

It is not necessary to submit two DBS applications in the case above. Take a look at the DBS workforce guidance here, following these guidelines will ensure the correct workforce is applied and will therefore reduce delays that can occur.

If you are certain that one workforce is only eligible for a standard check but the other is eligible for an enhanced check – with or without a barred lists check, then an enhanced check should be submitted.

However, only the enhanced workforce in section x61 of the application form should be entered. In the example above, only the child workforce should be entered which means the appropriate workforce checks will be completed at the police force. This will reduce delays that could happen at this stage in the process.

When a certificate is issued for dual purposes such as the above example, the applicant will still receive the same information for the standard level workforce – which includes details of spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings – as if a standard DBS application had been submitted separately.

If a separate standard only level application is still required for a DBS check, it should still be submitted with the relevant workforce to avoid it being rejected once submitted.

If you would like to apply for DBS checks, unsure which workforce is appropriate, call Personnel Checks on 01254 355688.


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