DBS FAQ’s 2017

We asked our expert Advisors which questions they’re asked most frequently by individuals completing DBS checks. We have compiled a list of them along with the answers direct from our DBS Advisors.

Levels of Check

  1. 1.Is a standard check the same as a basic check?

No this is not the same. The standard disclosure searches an individual’s criminal record for any spent convictions, unspent convictions, cautions, warnings and reprimands and is only available for companies/organisations to apply for on behalf of their employees. The Basic disclosure is available for anybody and shows any unspent convictions.

  1. 2.How do I get an enhanced or standard check as an individual?

Individually, you are unable to apply for an Enhanced or Standard DBS Check on yourself. The only way to obtain one of these checks is if the company you’re working for applies on your behalf. The organisation/employer will need to see the results of the DBS Check in order to make an informed recruitment decision e.g. for employment or contracting purposes.

For Basic Disclosures, anyone can apply. To do this you will to be sent an application form by post to complete and return, with photocopies of your identity documents. The form will take approximately 1-2 weeks to be processed and the certificate will be posted to your home address.


Completing Your Application

  1. 3.What do I do with my ID documents – who do I give them to?

You are now required to show 3 original ID documents to your nominated ID verifier within the company/organisation that is carrying out your DBS check for you this could be the case for Standard, Enhanced and Basic checks.

If a company/organisation is not applying for your basic check on your behalf you will need to send 3 photocopies of original ID documents via post to the umbrella body who is conducting your check for you.

For more help with ID Documents please click here.

  1. 4.How do I register for the update service?

You can only do this through the Disclosure & Barring Service. The cost of this is £13.00 per year and this updates automatically annually and can then be viewed online with a reference number.

You can apply for the update service whilst your application is in process using your reference number, as long as the DBS receive the application within 28 days.  Alternatively, you can register when your DBS Check is complete within 30 days of the certificate issue date.

Currently, the Update Service is only available for Standard and Enhanced checks although the DBS may introduce this for Basics in the future.

  1. 5.On a basic application form, do I have to enter card details even though I’ve paid – Section D?

No, this should be crossed out by the umbrella body you are using to process your check. If the applicant has made payment with a registered body there is a box on the form which is crossed and states they have paid through a registered body.

  1. 6.Do I need to complete section E on a basic form - countersigning?

Section E is for the registered body to complete, you do not need to complete this section and can ignore it completely.

  1. 7.Can I do a check under my professional name or nick-name?

The check has to be done under the legal applicant’s name, as the application needs to match all identification documents provided.

  1. 8.What is the 13th character in the driving licence number?

The 13th character usually refers to the initial of an applicant’s middle name, if they have one.

If you enter a middle name as part of the first or surname instead of within the middle name field, an error would occur when the Driving Licence number is entered.

This error can occur for anyone completing their application online.


If you have any further questions for our expert advisors, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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01254 355688



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Lee Ric-Hansen
I have applied for and Update Service Cetificate, but was wondering what the approximate time is for the certificate to be posted to me? Many thanks
12/2/2018 10:45:59 AM
I have a dbs and pay yearly fee I have moved address can I still use or do I have 2 get a new one thanks
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