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Why Employers Should Ensure They Do Background Checks

With a growing number of employers carrying out background checks its clear that UK employers starting to see the benefits of employment screening. 

Over the years we have carried out research into the benefits of background screening. We have compiled the list below to highlight the key reasons others are already doing background checks. 

Improved Quality of Hire  

An applicant failing to disclose their criminal history could yield serious legal or financial issues for employers. Background checks can help prevent this. In a survey of organisations, 67% said the quality of their employees had improved as a result of background screening. 

Knowing that background checks are part of your recruitment process is often enough to ward off bad recruits. Fear of exposure, real or imagined, can help deter unsuitable applicants.  

A better pool of applicants means less work for you, and better results for your organisation. 

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance  

Partnering with a background checking provider that excels with HR compliance can aid you in many ways. Our expertise can help you refine your recruitment process so that it is in line with best practice procedure for your industry. 

Employment law and background screening can be extremely complicated and no one wants to be the victim of a lawsuit because of an oversight! A compliance and screening organisation can help you prevent this. 

44% of employers found that background screening helped to improve regulatory compliance.  


Improved Workplace Safety  

Conducting employee screening can help protect property and workers against damaging workplace accidents, violence and theft. Knowing someone's history can help you make appropriate recruitment decisions that benefit you. Take a look at some of the stats below:  

42% of employers agreed that carrying out background checks helps to increase workplace safety and security.

16% of employers reported screening reduces employee theft  

11% stated they reduce workplace violence  

Safeguarding isn't something that's going away. Having these checks in place helps you know you're doing what's within your power to safeguard your staff and clients. 


Reduced Negligent Hiring Risks 

29% of employers said carrying out background checks had helped prevent negligent hiring risks.  

These claims arise when an employee cause’s harm to a co-worker and it can be proven that the employee has a previous history of these types of offences.  

The employer would have discovered this if they had carried out ‘due diligence’ checks. Failing to carry out these checks can lead to negligent hiring damages if allegations are proven.

Reluctance to carry out background screening often comes down to cost. The information these checks provide can help prevent a very expensive bad hire! 


Other reasons  

There is no single reason why carrying out background checks are beneficial. Aside from the ones we've already mentioned, we found the following were also common reasons: 

Helping reduce employee turnover 

Help prevent absenteeism 

Helping improve an organisation's reputation 

Although these checks do cost, the overall expense can be a drop in the ocean. Comparing the cost against that of a negligent hiring lawsuit. it pales in comparison. Not to mention the damage to their reputation!  

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