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5 Tips For Filling Out Your DBS Application Form

If you’re applying for a DBS Check, the chances are you need it for work. With an average processing time of around (for an Enhanced DBS check), you don’t want any unnecessary delays.  

Errors on your application form are bad news. Even something that seems minor can have huge implications for your application. 

At the end of the form, candidates are asked to, “declare that the information I have provided in support of the application and is complete and true…”. This means that if there is one tiny error on your application form, the Disclosure and Barring Service can withdraw it! 

We surveyed our ops team, and the following tips are what they say you should bear in mind when filling in your application: 


1. Turn Off Autofill 

In the modern age, it’s fair to say we’ve all become reliant on our autofill settings. None of us want to enter our usernames, passwords, and address details every single time we come to fill in a form! 

Whilst it is a time saver, autofill settings are a source of many problems with DBS applications. Far too often do we see addresses with duplicated house numbers or street names. The browser can fill this info in without you being aware. If this does happen, then the DBS can withdraw your application. 

If this happens you would have to start your application again. This would add time and cost onto the process, which nobody wants! 


2. Use Google Chrome

We don’t want to be accused of favouritism, but Chrome is best.  

The system we use is the standard for the background screening industry. Long story short, the developers optimised this system for Google Chrome. This doesn’t mean you can’t use another browser, but for the best experience we always recommend using Chrome. 

One exception to this is the Safari browser which can be very temperamental! 


3. Use a desktop computer 

Again, this isn’t a must but if you are encountering problems on a mobile device it’s the easiest fix.  

A lot of this goes back to the point above. With Apple dominating the mobile device market, Safari is the default browser, and this does cause problems. 

There are many reasons why a desktop PC is better: they hold a more stable internet connection; it is easier to see error messages and they are far more secure than most mobile devices. With the form covering your personal information security is important.


4. Technology struggles 

If tech isn’t your thing, filling an application form in online can be daunting. But don’t struggle in silence! You can ask a friend or your employer to fill this in with you, or on your behalf. 

If someone does complete this on your behalf, we recommend doing it in person or over the phone with that person. This means you can check the information and be sure everything is correct. If you are filling this in for someone else, we would always recommend getting written consent before doing so.


5. Get in touch 

We’re here to help. Our team have decades of combined experience dealing with background checks and our systems.  

If you are struggling with part of the application, let us know! We’d rather help you get things right than get a letter from the DBS saying they’ve withdrawn your application because of an error. 

If you are struggling to fill in your application, send us a message on [email protected]   

If this is for a private hire DBS application, drop us an email on [email protected] 



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