Enhanced DBS Checks

Enhanced DBS Checks can only be applied for by organisations on behalf of applicants in order to help make sound recruitment decisions on potential employees.

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What is an Enhanced DBS check?
An Enhanced criminal record check, also known as an Enhanced DBS Check, details any cautions, warnings, reprimands or convictions on an individual’s criminal history and if relevant, can also check against the children and/or adults barred lists. Usually, applicants working in certain positions involving children or vulnerable adults are eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check. Find out more about DBS eligibility guidance.


What does an Enhanced DBS check show?
This level of check shows full details of a criminal record, including Cautions, Warnings, Reprimands, spent and unspent convictions. It can also search the children and vulnerable adults ‘barred list’ to see if the applicant is prohibited from working with these groups. Local police can add any relevant information about the applicant.


Can I apply for an Enhanced Criminal Record Check?
An Enhanced DBS Check is only available for organisations to access on behalf of their employees. The certificate is sent to the applicant’s home address and they are required to show it to their employer prior to starting any job.


I'm self-employed, can I apply for an Enhanced DBS Check?
Enhanced DBS Checks are available for organisations to make a suitability decision on applicants. Therefore, as a self-employed person, this is not suitable and you cannot do the check for yourself. This level is only available for an organisation to make suitability decisions on potential or existing employees. Individuals cannot make this decision on themselves for the purpose of a DBS Check.




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