DBS Checks for Members of Staff

Personnel Checks specialise in assisting organisations through the often complex process of criminal record checks. We have a number of experienced advisors who can provide advice and support during your application process.


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How to Apply

If you are an organisation wanting to apply for DBS (CRB) Checks online on your staff/members behalf, you can apply for all 3 levels of criminal record check. The level of check you can apply for will depend on the work being carried out by your staff/members.


Basic DBS Checks 

All organisations in any industry can obtain basic disclosure checks on their staff. This check will confirm if the applicant has any unspent criminal convictions on their record.
Find out more about Basic Disclosures


Standard DBS Checks 

Standard Criminal Record Checks are available for professions listed on the eligibility guide or more commonly, for professions that involve working with children or adults on a regular basis.
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Enhanced DBS Checks 

Enhanced Criminal Record Checks are available for applicants regularly caring for, training, supervising or being solely in charge of children, specified activities with adults in receipt of health care or social care services and applicants for gaming and lottery licences.

An enhanced level certificate contains the same PNC information as the standard level certificate but also includes a check of information held locally by police forces.
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