Health and Wellbeing


In line with the Equality Act and Health and Safety obligations, it is the duty of every employer to consider any health issues that might affect an employee’s ability to safely fulfil their job. FusionHR understand that there is also the need to look at specific requirements and to consider the employee, the organisation and for schools, the effect on pupil learning.

Our Occupational Health support package provides fast and efficient response times for Occupational Health Assessments, including faceto face appointments with practitioners and professional counsellors who provide advice and guidance to support employee performance and productivity.

FusionHR can provide wellbeing support services such as mediation, life coaching, bereavement counselling and stress management, all delivered by a team of qualified practitioners with previous education experience. They work with you to maintain a happy, healthy workforce.

If you need any help with Health and Wellbeing or Occupational Health, please give us a call on 01254 355688

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