Staff Absence Management


Fusion have developed a simple, manageable and cost effective way to keep track of staff absences in your business.

You may find keeping track of staff absence can be a time consuming and strenuous process, so Fusion have introduced SAM which is soon to be your new best friend!

SAM is a simple online tool that can be used to monitor, report and manage all aspects of staff absence including sickness, paid and unpaid leave.

Benefits of SAM:

Time-Saving - SAM is automated and imports directly from SIMS which means no more manual tracking of trigger points.

Money Saving – SAM enables you reduce and manage supply staff costs through better absence management

Absence Reducing – SAM spots absence trends very easily and recommends the right course of action to manage it

Improves Company Standards – SAM helps you to raise standards by proactively improving staff attendance.

SAM also lets you know when triggers are hit, you don’t have to spend time checking absence records, and if any of your employees hit or get close to an attendance trigger SAM will let you know. SAM will then prompt you to invite the employees to an absence review meeting and give you all the documentation you need.

View a short video about SAM and it's benefits below:

SAM has been tried and tested by schools across the country, here’s what one had to say.

“This system allows us to track and manage staff absence from one place. The first time 

we used it I was surprised to see that ten people had hit the trigger point for monitoring whereas we had only identified two.It keeps me compliant with notice periods in line with the policy and issues the correct letter for each stage of the process. It takes the confusion out of absence management.

It extrapolates and condenses a large amount of data into easy to read reports that a

re accessible for Governors. It makes reporting to Governors a two-minute job.”

School Business Manager, Miriam Lord Primary School


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