Safeguarding for Drivers

Everyone has a right to be safe and everyone has the responsibility to help keep everybody as safe as possible.

Statistically, around a third of people don’t say anything if they see some form of abuse or see something of concern, which is a huge number. It’s crucial that we work together to help reduce these statistics and by focussing on building awareness in specific sectors who come into regular contact with children we can aim to tackle this.

In England and Wales, there are roughly 80,000 taxis and 150,000 Private Hire Vehicles licensed. If a third of them don’t speak up, potentially that’s thousands of drivers who see some form of abuse but say nothing throughout the estimated 6 million trip stages made each year throughout the industry.

Personnel Checks have helped over 10,000 drivers through the DBS process, ensuring that they have had the appropriate checks to be able to work within their town or city. The one thing that stands out when in conversation with Licensing Manager’s is how passionate they are about ensuring that the drivers they have licensed are fit and proper to drive the public around in taxi or private hire vehicles. There is nothing more important than protecting and safeguarding the public, our own loved ones, our children and the vulnerable people in our society.

Drivers and operators can really take a lead in raising awareness, raising the standards and raising the profiles of the public service. A service that can be trusted, instead of often being made a scapegoat to the root cause of the problem.

Drivers can be the ambassadors of our towns and cities, they display the name of the local authority on their badge and they have an opportunity and play a huge part in making a real difference by helping to spot and highlight the levels of abuse that go on throughout the UK.

Taxi drivers are in prime position, not because they are more responsible than anyone else but because they can be more effective than anybody else at helping to tackle a huge problem in our society. They can advocate safeguarding, they can become safeguarding heroes.

Safeguarding Training for Drivers

We want to empower drivers by giving them the tools and support they need to be able to clearly identify and confidently deal with any risks to the public and themselves and we want to help licensing teams get easy access to a road map which ensures safeguarding awareness is well and truly embedded into the taxi licensing process.

We are aiming to create the gold standard of safeguarding awareness, a recognised symbol of trust so that when passengers take a cab, they know the driver has been accredited with a gold standard of how to safeguard the passenger and the operator.

We can carry out safeguarding training to drivers nationwide to enable them to better protect their communities. Get in touch with a member of the team to find out more:

01254 355688