Safeguarding Training

If your employees come into contact with children/young people or vulnerable adults, they should be confident in carrying out their responsibility of safeguarding whether they’re a permanent member of staff or a volunteer.

It is common practice now that employees undertake safeguarding training, to further help them gain the knowledge and skills to confidently deal with safeguarding issues. Many employers conduct safeguarding training with their staff or have it written into their safeguarding policies to ensure all employees receive regular training. Many people who work with vulnerable adults or children take it upon themselves to sign up to a training session if their company/workplace doesn’t provide it.

At Personnel Checks we’re passionate about safeguarding and have developed comprehensive training programmes for a variety of sectors such as education, care and taxi and private hire driver training.

We have a team of specialist safeguarding experts who work with a variety of sectors, understanding the crucial role that effective safeguarding can play in an organisation. We work in partnership with industry professionals to create modules that will not only enable staff teams to think about the way they work in terms of safeguarding but also equipping them to tackle situations effectively and confidently. 

It is crucial that a safeguarding course provides your employees with the knowledge they need to improve safeguarding in your workplace and transfer their skills to all aspects of their lives. Training will provide your staff with a full understanding of the types of abuse that the people you work with may suffer, the importance of being able to identify the signs of neglect and taking the correct course of action if they have safeguarding concerns.

Our training will help your staff:

  • Promote more effective and integrated services to be able to approach safeguarding issues appropriately
  • Be able to confidently tackle safeguarding issues
  • Improve their decision-making skills
  • Gain an overall better understanding of the role everyone plays in safeguarding society

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the safeguarding training, attendees will be able to;

Understand the needs and reasons to protect young people and children and why everyone is responsible to do so
Have a wider knowledge and be better informed of the importance of safeguarding, particularly within your company setting
Know the different types of abuse, how to spot the indicators of risk and how to report concerns
Understand your role in safeguarding young people and how much difference you can make
Understand how your company's Policies and Procedures can help to safeguard the organisation


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