Investors in People Review April 2014

The beginning of April saw our latest IIP review take place as ten members of staff were interviewed by Carol Davidson, an IIP Assessor with the guidelines provided by UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

The objective of the review was to ensure that Personnel Checks continues to meet the requirements of the Investors in People Standard, having held the accolade for over 15 years and for which we are very proud.

We’re delighted to announce that we have once again met this standard, here’s a summary of the report.

What has changed since our previous review in March 2011?

  • The office in Accrington has been refurbished, creating a modern, spacious and welcoming environment
  • A new client management system has been installed which has improved efficiency
  • Plans were in place to create a Training School for recruitment

Comments from the Investors in People Specialist include;

“The existing culture within the organisation was one of openness and trust creating a supportive environment and people stated that the management teams were accessible and approachable.”

“The values of the organisation had been clearly identified and were very visible. People confirmed that the values were integral to the way they worked on a day to day basis with both their clients and colleagues and in the way they were managed.”

“Strong team work was demonstrated both within departments and across the organisation as a whole.”

“A comprehensive reward strategy was in place which motivated people and made them feel valued for their contribution to the company’s success.”

Observations during the review also included;

• There is a culture of openness and trust

• Colleagues’ achievements are recognised

• Success is celebrated

• People help make decisions about their own learning

• Learning and development is innovative and flexible

• Leadership and management capabilities for now and the future are defined

• Coaching is part of the culture

• People are helped to develop their careers

• Reward and recognition strategies link to business strategy

• People are committed to success

• Innovative and flexible approaches to learning and development are used

• People are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential

• Personal development is supported 

Review Assessment Outcome

Having carried out the assessment process in accordance with the guidelines provided for assessors by UK Commission for Employment and Skills, the Assessor was “satisfied beyond any doubt that Personnel Checks continues to meet the requirements of the Investors in People Standard. On behalf of Investors in People North of England the Assessor would like to congratulate Personnel Checks on this achievement.”

We’re really pleased with the outcome of the assessment and look forward to our next review in April 2017.

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