Have You Heard About the DBS R1 Project?

The DBS strive to continually improve their service and have been working on a new project titled the ‘R1 project’ which will bring about exciting changes and updates to the way we safeguard society.

After being postponed in early 2015 to ensure it is as secure and accessible as possible, the DBS hope to launch the R1 project over 2016 and 2017 which will mean beneficial changes to companies and Registered Bodies.

The DBS R1 Project means there will be significant updates made to the Barred Lists Check:

The DBS have created a new system in which an individual can now apply for a check on the barred lists.

Previously, barred list checks could only be applied for by employers in certain sectors, such as education for the Children’s Barred List and health/care sectors for the Adults Barred List.

Now any individual or company can apply for a barred lists check through a registered body and get results back instantly.

This now enables individuals to do an instant check on someone against the barred lists without having to do a DBS check first.

This means for example, an individual who is looking to employ a home-tutor and who is not eligible to undertake a DBS check can now get consent from the tutor and do a check to see if they are on any of the barred lists.

Some of the changes the R1 project is set to bring include;

  • A portal where applicants can log in and track their application
  • Online DBS certificates
  • A new application form with new data fields added and obsolete fields removed
  • Online update service status check

The new DBS online portal will include;

  • Online customer accounts to access DBS services with 24/7 access
  • Online tracking (single or bulk)
  • Online Barring referral form
  • Barred list check (single or bulk)
  • Update service status check (single or bulk) 
  • Online certificates
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Contextual online guidance
  • Web chat

With the new changes, employers can now also subscribe to the Notification Service so that they are informed if someone they have a legitimate interest in becomes barred.

The R1 project will make safeguarding a lot easier for individuals and companies alike.

Not only will individuals feel safer as they can now undertake barred lists checks without being eligible for a DBS check, but Registered Bodies like Personnel Checks can also make use of a more automated, online and efficient DBS checking process.

For more information on these recent changes please don’t hesitate to call and speak to one of our advisors on 01254 355688.

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