National Safeguarding Day – Stop, Look & Listen

The 29th February marks National Safeguarding Day, a day in which, we at Personnel Checks are very passionate about. Being experts in safeguarding we believe that all organisations should have extensive safeguarding policies in place to prevent future harm to young people and vulnerable adults.

This year’s National Safeguarding year comes with a crucial message, urging all organisations to;

STOP what they are doing,

LOOK at their safeguarding practices,

LISTEN to young people and TAKE ACTION.

The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services are asking all children and youth organisations to stop and consider their safeguarding policies and procedures and make a pledge to improve them. The NCVYS’s national campaign intends to inspire and motivate organisations into creating positive changes within their safeguarding procedures.

Sam Marks (Chair of the National Safeguarding Forum) commented:

“It has been a great year for NCVYS in developing our safeguarding network and I am looking forward to another year where youth organisations come together and support each other in regards to the responsibilities and practical approaches to safeguarding. The Stop Look Listen campaign is a great way for us to consolidate this, by putting some time aside and really thinking about simple and effective ways that we can reaffirm our commitments to safeguarding. By sharing this with others, we can remind ourselves that we are not alone, while not forgetting that young people are active participants in the work that we do. So take some time not only to stop and look at what you and your organisation are doing, but also listen to what young people say and how they think you can make the organisation safer for them.”

Why you should be making a pledge:

The 29th February has been chosen so that organisations can come together on this extra day every four years, to take a step forward with their safeguarding policies.

Making a pledge to your safeguarding procedures will be crucial in promoting change amongst society and highlighting the importance of safeguarding in the workplace.

For example, making a pledge to ensure all volunteers in your business have the same safeguarding training as all permanent members of staff will increase awareness and also improve prevention methods which in turn will reduce harm in the workplace and ensure any safeguarding issues are spotted and dealt with immediately.

Some pledges include:

‘Our newly updated policy will be made available to our staff on or around National Safeguarding Day. We'll ensure that all our staff know about the changes by the end of the week. There will be safeguarding training for new staff during the week. ‘

‘We will ensure that all our volunteers will have an understanding of what is meant by safeguarding and why it is important’

Make a pledge on behalf of your organisation here.

If you need help with your safeguarding policies and procedures and require training in your workplace, Personnel Checks are able to facilitate a variety of thorough and extensive safeguarding training sessions along with our HR business partners, Fusion HR.

If you would like more information about these training sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01254 355688. 

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