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Fast-Track Adult & Child Barred List Checks

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of staff moving into key sectors, such as health, social care and volunteering.

In an attempt to support the national effort against beating the coronavirus, the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) has implemented temporary measures to ensure that pre-employment criminal record checks can be completed as quickly as possible.


What are the temporary changes?

The DBS has launched a new, temporary service that allows eligible applicants to obtain a Fast-Tracked disclosure and barring search. Meaning your key workers could be ready for work in no time at all.

Specifically, the DBS are offering DBS checks and Fast-Track emergency checks of the Adults’ and Children’s Barred Lists. This exceptional service will apply to health and social care workers being recruited in connection with the provision of care and treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19) in England and Wales.

With the new service, the Adult & Child Barred List Checks will be completed by the end of the next working day after the submission of the application. The result of the Barred List search will provide a fast piece of recruitment decision information while the employer is waiting for the final result of the DBS Check.


Are my staff eligible?

The DBS have provided some eligibility criteria for these fast track checks which can be found on their website here. We have interpreted this information and provided a more simplified guide below.

Firstly, your staff must be carrying out an eligible role. These are:

  • Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Nursing Associates
  • Health Professionals
  • Social Workers
  • Social Carers
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Emergency Volunteers


Secondly, their employment must be in connection with, or inconsequence of the coronavirus outbreak.

Please note a list of the definitions and associated legislation for this eligibility criteria can be found on the DBS website here

If you are still struggling to understand if your staff are eligible, you can call our team of DBS eligibility experts on 01254 355651 to find out if your staff are eligible


Backfilling of roles

It has been made clear to Personnel Checks that these checks are also eligible in the context of ‘backfilling’ roles due to the outbreak of Covid-19. For example, if a Nurse (let’s call them Nurse #1) cannot work because a member of their household is displaying symptoms and is self-isolating as per NHS guidance, the hiring manager may look for a replacement, (let’s call them Nurse #2). Even though Nurse #2 may not be directly treating patients with coronavirus, they have been recruited in consequence of it.  

Because a Nurse is part of the list of eligible roles, they would qualify for the Fast-Track Check.


How long will these Fast-Track Checks take?

The DBS have confirmed that the Barred List Check will be completed by the end of the next working day. The turnaround time for an Enhanced DBS Check can never be guaranteed, but the DBS have assured us that DBS Checks associated with the national emergency and are being prioritised.

These temporary measures have been put in place to allow the results of the Barred List Checks to be concluded quickly, instead of waiting to receive the full Enhanced DBS Check.

For Health and Social Care roles, Barred List results can be the most indicative of the suitability of the applicant. Therefore, this allows the recruitment decision to be made quickly.

Around 95% of Enhanced DBS & Barred List Checks contain no information, the Barred List Check result could provide employers with enough reassurance for the applicant to begin their employment or role. Under the circumstances, this could help get people into work, faster.


Do I really need a DBS Check at all?

Before applying for a Fast-Track Barred List Check, an employer should first consider;

Does the applicant already have an Enhanced DBS & Barred List Check within the past 3 years?

If yes, the employer may want to consider using this to make any recruitment decisions for the specific job role, as part of a wider risk assessment.

Has the applicant already previously completed an Enhanced DBS & Barred List Check and has a subscription to the Update Service?

If yes, the employer
should request to see the Enhanced DBS Check certificate and check the Update Service to see if there have been any changes, to speed up the decision-making process.

If the applicant is going to be performing one of the eligible job roles outlined above, and does not have a recent Enhanced DBS & Barred List Check, they can apply for a Fast-Track Barred List Check through the temporary fast track method.


How do I apply for the Fast-Track Enhanced DBS & Barred List Check?

As a registered body of the DBS, Personnel Checks is approved to provide the Fast Track checks to support the national effort against Covid-19.

If you want to apply for the Fast-Track enhanced DBS & Barred List Check, please ring 01254 355 651, or email [email protected] and one of our friendly advisors will talk you through the application process.

Should the DBS find that an application does not meet the criteria for a Fast-Track DBS & Barred List Check application, Personnel Checks will not accept responsibility for any fees and the Customer will be responsible to pay the necessary fees.


Can applicants subscribe to the Update Service following the Fast Track Barred List Check?

No. Applicants are not able to subscribe to the Update Service using a Fast Track Barred List Check or add this Check to their existing Update Service subscription.

Call our expert DBS Team today to obtain Fast-Track DBS & Barred List Search, on 01254 355 651, or email us at [email protected]