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National Vaccination Scheme: DBS Eligibility Update

Eligibility for DBS Checks can be complicated. When the nation is dealing with a national crisis, things need to be as simple as possible. The fact that the NHS and DBS have managed to produce guidance so quickly, means you can be sure you get the right checks in place in time for the vaccination effort. Of course, not everyone involved in vaccination programmes will require a brand new DBS check.   

The majority of NHS staff will have an appropriate DBS Check in place to allow them to treat patients. The advice given is that any member of staff who has a relevant DBS Check in place, that has been done within the last 3 years, or is signed up to the DBS Update Service would not be required to have a new check.   

The UK’s vaccination efforts are going to be a massive logistical operation and with that comes newly recruited staff and volunteers. Below are 6 clearly defined roles that have been identified as requiring a DBS Check and the level of DBS Check they are eligible for:  


COVID-19 Fast-Track DBS Checks  

Vaccinator / Pandemic Immuniser - People responsible for actually administering the vaccine will be classed as treating patients. As providing healthcare is a type of regulated activity and the role is eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with Adult Barred List information. If the role also involves the vaccination of children, the check would be eligible for the Children's Barred List too.  

Vaccination Care / Support Volunteer - People involved in caring for anyone who has become unwell (or had an allergic reaction) as a result of the vaccination process is entitled to a DBS Check. The eligibility criteria this role meets is the same as the above role. The relevant Barred Lists can be included depending on which demographic the subject is caring for.  

Clinical supervisor - responsibilities include day-to-day management of clinical staff providing healthcare which is regarded as regulated activity. The role is therefore eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with barred list information.  


Standard DBS Checks

Patient Advocate - Advocate responsibilities include meeting and greeting people attending the vaccination site, explaining the process and providing observations, pre and post-care. As this role involves face-to-face interactions with patients who visit the vaccination site and entering patient areas. The role is therefore eligible for a Standard DBS Check.  

Cleaner – Cleaner's whose duties are concerned with ensuring the hygiene and cleanliness of patient areas and whose role will allow direct contact and interaction with patients located on a vaccination site are eligible for a Standard DBS Check.  

Vaccination admin and/or reception support - When their responsibilities include providing administrative support, recording vaccination consent, managing vaccination records and reception support at a vaccination site. The role involves face-to-face interactions with patients who visit the vaccination site and entering patient areas to collect or deliver patient records.   

If all these criteria are met, then the subject would be entitled to a Standard DBS Check 


Basic DBS Checks

Vaccination admin and/or reception support - This role is on twice as some of these roles will not qualify for the Standard DBS Check. If a role purely involves having access to patient identifiable data but no access to patients, then it would not be eligible for a Standard Disclosure. In these cases, it is often suggested you consider the value of having a Basic DBS check carried out.  


Hopefully, the clarification of these roles at an early stage will aid efforts in the vaccination process across the nation. If you work within the NHS and you’re unsure how this new guidance will affect you, you can find the full information here. For any further information about applying for, or renewing DBS Checks, get in touch!   

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