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CRTB Announces The Appointment Of A New Vice Chair

We are pleased to announce this week that the Managing Director of Personnel Checks, Jack Mellor, has been appointed as Vice Chair of the Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB) 

The CRTB is a UK-based committee within the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). They are open to all organisations registered with the DBS, Disclosure Scotland, and Access NI. Working together to promote a culture of safeguarding and referral.  

The board were ‘delighted’ to welcome Jack as a board member in November 2019, bringing  with him his expert knowledge and passion for the sector. Jack has been Personnel Checks MD for the past 2 years and was working in the background screening industry for several years prior.  

Jack has been vocal about improving levels of digitisation in the industry. Under his leadership, Personnel Checks digital capabilities have increased, with great benefit to their customer base. Jack hopes to utilise his position to begin enacting the same positive digitally enabled change across the industry. 

Speaking with Jack about his appointment, he stated the mission is, “to promote the safeguarding agenda of the UK” and he is “proud to be strengthening involvement with the CRTB for the overall benefit of our industry.” 

“I’m delighted to accept the position of vice chair on the board of the CRTB. The aims and objectives of our professional body are all pointing in a positive direction, which promote collaboration with governing bodies and evolution towards embracing technology as part of the screening journey. 

Starting his career in the software industry, Jack understands the benefits of improving technical capabilities for a company. Jack’s experience of digital industries is proving to be an invaluable resource for the CRTB and Personnel Checks.  

Since its founding in 2018, the CRTB have been working alongside the DBS, Disclosure Scotland and Access NI. Through collaboration they hope to drive levels of excellence in the industry. Also using their position to highlight areas in urgent need for change.  

Congratulations Jack, we are all looking forward to what this bright future brings. 



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