New hackney Carriage/Private Hire Applicants DBS and DVLA checks

Please note Colchester Borough Council will only accept your Driving Licence if it is in your current address.
If your Driving Licence currently has a previous address displayed, please change this before applying for your DBS and DVLA Check.


Do you have a full and valid UK Driving Licence issued to your current address which is over 12 months old?

If you have spent six continuous months or more living outside the UK a criminal record check is required from the country/countries involved covering the relevant period.

Do you have limited time to remain in the UK?

Have you passed your Colchester English Study Centre test?

Do you have a Group two medical from your GP or a Medical Provider recognised by the Council?’

By completing this form, you confirm that you have read and understood Colchester Borough Council’s Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy and the Conditions within.  The policy not only sets out how the council will handle and administer applications but aims to ensure that licensed drivers, operators and vehicles operating in the Borough are of the highest quality and can be held to account for their performance.  The policy sets out what is expected to satisfy the Council as to whether you are a fit and proper person to be granted a licence and by signing this declaration you agree to uphold these expectations.

By applying for the DBS and DVLA Check, I give Personnel Checks authorisation to apply for a DVLA Check on my behalf for the purpose of applying for a Taxi/Private Hire Licence with Colchester Borough Council

I understand that Personnel Checks will share the results of my Driving Licence information with the relevant individuals at Colchester Borough Council to support my Taxi/Private Hire Licence application.

I authorise Colchester Borough Council and Personnel Checks to organise a Driving Licence Check as and when they require, at a frequency that Colchester Borough Council shall determine.

I authorise and direct Personnel Checks to disclose my Driving Licence information to Colchester Borough Council, all relevant information relating to my driver record which includes personal details, driving entitlements, valid endorsements; and/or disqualifications (if relevant); photo images.

This consent and authority will expire when I cease to drive in connection with Colchester Borough Council or in any case three years from the date of my consent.

Consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting Personnel Checks on 01254 355679 or [email protected]

Tick to confirm you have read and understood the above